Fixing the access error of the Scriptcase's database
Posted by Gustavo Veras on 16 February 2016 06:01 PM

Sometimes we encounter an error access to Scriptcase own database, as shown in the image below : 

This problem happens when we change the name of scriptcase folder to another name, such as "sc".


Then, the error occurs because the full path to the scriptcase database has been modified.

Before it was C:/Program Files(x86)/NetMake/v81/wwwroot/scriptcase/devel/conf/scriptcase/nm_scriptcase.db

After changing the folder name, the full path to the base of scriptcase is : C:/Program Files(x86)/NetMake/v81/wwwroot/sc/devel/conf/scriptcase/nm_scriptcase.db

Then we must change this path in config.php file, so that it is done the correct mapping to scriptcase database.

To correct this error, don't need to return to the default name of scriptcase, just follow these steps :

1 - Change the name of the config_.php to config.php in your scriptcase folder.

2 - After changing to config.php, access this file by the browser, already with the name of the folder changes, eg

3 - In the Server, just change the name of scriptcase folder, setting this: C:/Program Files(x86)/NetMake/v81/wwwroot/sc/devel/conf/scriptcase/nm/scriptcase.db and then save.

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